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​​​​​​​2018 United We Walk

​​​​​​​2018 March for Babies

Additional pictures and videos of Iota Rho Lambda in action for the current year and previous years can be found on shutterfly at


​​​​​​​2018 Midwest Regionals - Indy

​​​​​​​2018 District Conference

#1 Bro. John Dwayne Carson "Dolla Bill"

#2 Bro. Jonathan Robinson "Pei-Wei"

#3 Bro. Antwoine Pilgrim "Furious Styles"

#4 Bro. Chris Wilson "Tin Man"

#5 Bro. Mantrell Goodrum "Cere-BRO"

#6 Bro. Richard Hunter "Mr. Postman"

​​2018 Spring line, REDEMPTION 6  

​​​​​​​2018 Voter Registration Drive

​​​​​​​2018 Old School Party

​​​​​​​2018 NPHC Professional Development Workshop